SUMMER CAMP: Food Truck Adventures; July 26-29; Ages 9-14


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* Date: July 26 - July 29, 2021  M-Th
* Time: 10-1pm
* Ages: 9-14
* Cost: $325 per session
* Materials & food we prepare in class included each day
* Location: Kitchen House



Street Foods are popular all over the world and are served from tiny kiosks to food trucks. Offering exotic dishes presented in sticks, cups, and bowls, tasty tidbits become mobile to stroll around the neighborhood.  This camp focuses on the most popular fare and creates a new way to serve your favorite foods.

Your senior chefs will spend the week perfecting favorite 'street food' recipes and then open their “trucks” on the final day for parents to line up and sample their creations. Campers will be broken into teams, and each team will create their own Food Truck Brand, logo, menu, and recipes.

More information about all of our camps & classes:

  • Camps that occur during lunchtime - We may ask you to send a lunch or heavy snack.
  • Our camp is well suited for kids who thrive in a structured environment. We’ve put much thought into creating the kind of camp that we’d love to send our own kids to.
  • We keep our camps small in size (maximum 12-15 campers) and teach each camp ourselves with the help of our trusted and experienced staff.


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