Yesterday I went grocery shopping, like I do multiple times a week.  I have issues with planning (not) ahead and because I am always wanting to try new recipes, and I find myself always needing something.

Probably the main reason I end up at the store several times a week, if not almost daily, is because I LOVE IT!  I love the searching, finding a good deal, reading food labels, seeing what produce looks good and is a good price, and searching for recipes on my phone (aka daydreaming about what I could be making.)

My pantry, frig, and freezer are fully stocked!  I should take one of those challenges of only eating what you already have in your house for like a week…maybe a month.

Anyway.  About the BAG.  I went to a girls weekend that my mom planned out, where we sewed bags, several different kinds.  I know for sure that I will make more of these bags.  WHY?
They are reusable for groceries, produce farmers market buys, put your shoes in while traveling, dirty clothes bag, or pretty much anything else.  And, they were super easy to make out of an old T-shirt.  Oh, and they are of course very washable – just throw them in with your other T-shirts!

Don’t have enough reusable bags to use now that the Travis County Bag Ban is in effect?  Make several of these.

For step-by-step instructions on how to make these bags; visit a tutorial like this one at The Red Kitchen.