Katelyn Reading, Professional Chef, Culinary Manager, Blog Contributor

A little bit about me: Kids Kitchen employee pics-2

Hi, my name is Katelyn Reading. I am a professional chef working with Kids Kitchen and Chefs Club. In 2013, I graduated from The Art Institute of Houston with a Bachelors of Science in Culinary Management.  After holding several positions within the industry, I discovered that educating individuals on how to prepare well-balanced meals for themselves is where my true passion lies. I moved to Austin in May of 2014 and quickly became involved with the local community as a personal chef, caterer, and meal planner. Teaching children how to cook and eat nutritiously has always been a dream of mine and with Kids Kitchen, that dream became a reality! Getting children involved in the cooking process is a great way to raise awareness and encourage a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Nourish their bodies, feed their minds! It is an honor to be able to share my love for cooking and eating with the youth of today and the future of tomorrow! 

Katelyn at Culinary School

party1One of my favorite recipes to make with kids thus far are: Pop tarts because they are a simple hands-on recipe that allows the kids to get creative. I also really enjoy making stir fry because it builds knife skills while the children cut and work with a lot vegetables, ranging in size, shape, and texture. My favorite part about making this dish with our students is that at first many of them are very apprehensive when it comes to trying this dish because of all the “new” veggies but after they involve themselves in the cooking process and try what they have made they love it! I have had students ask for 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths when making this dish.
At home I like to experiment and cook new dishes for my friends and family. I love hearing their feedback and sharing the experience of trying new things together! As of right now, I am trying to lower my meat, poultry, and dairy intake. Recently, I have been trying alternatives for dinner by cooking tons vegetables or supplementing our diets with plant protein. Cooking for and trying new dishes with my family and friends makes eating healthy a lot of fun. Eating together has allowed us to encourage each other to adapt a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. I made some black bean and brown rice veggie burgers the other night that were a hit! 

When I am not cooking, I love to spend my free time with family and friends, hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping, reading, meditating, volunteering, doing yoga, checking out new bands, trying new restaurants, and of course, traveling as much as I can! I am really looking forward to sharing our class activities and recipes with you.

Stay tuned, we have a lot of fun in store!