We started with five chickens (laying teeny size eggs) and one rooster.  Now, we have two of those original chickens, one rooster, five guineas, ten more chickens (laying large to jumbo eggs,) a peacock on its way….and a partridge and a pear tree!

In my son’s preschool class, they made a chart with all the pets that each child had.  Common ones made their stamp on the chart; dog, cat, fish, bunny.  Now, my son, he had to tell them he did not have any of those pets, but he had five chickens and one rooster (named Rooster Star Wars, named by him.)

My daughter takes her farming responsibility very serious.  She cares for these chickens by, checking in on them morning, afternoon, and night, collecting eggs, checking food and water, and opening and closing the chicken coop doors.

We went from getting about 3-5 teeny size eggs/day to now getting 6-9 large/jumbo size eggs/day. 

So, now, what to do with all these eggs?  We will be sharing with family and friends of course, but, expect some egg recipes coming your way too!

Kids Kitchen Konnection:  We should remember to educate our kids on where our foods come from.  When we first starting getting eggs from the chickens, the kids said they were not going to eat them. Telling me that they were “chicken eggs”.  Yes, dear, they are!  All the eggs you have ever eaten, ARE chicken eggs! Today, now, she says she only will eat eggs in the morning if they came from our chickens!  Go figure.