Kettle Corn in individual bags
Ingredients of the Kettle Corn.
YumEarth Organic Candy without food dyes
Utz Individual Pretzel Bags

Valentines Day, in the classroom, usually means inexpensive paper valentine cards.  Sometimes, there is a bright red sucker attached.  Almost always, if there is a party, there are cupcakes, cookies, and maybe more sweets.

Want to reduce the sugar, artificial food coloring load?


– Skip the food and candy all together – No food or candy needed!

– Give popcorn, pretzels, granola bars, or the alike.

– 100% Fruit Snacks without artificial food coloring

– Chocolate covered strawberries

– But if candy is what you want – check out the YumEarth brand.  Now, found at Target.  You can also find the suckers at places like Ross or TJMaxx.  (or order online)

Popcorn Bags – What my kids gave last year for their Valentine Goodies.