I am in love with everything kitchen, food, and Christmas!                                                                                       So, why not use kitchen items to decorate with this holiday season?  I have a small tabletop… or in this case….countertop Christmas tree in my kitchen every year.  This year, I decided to put in in an old cookie tin.  To be exact, a Swedish Ginger cookie tin.                                                           I have two vintage muffin tins that I love but had not figured out how to display them yet.  Ornament balls are the perfect size for using in a lot of areas – they make anything colorful and festive!  SO, why not put them in a cupcake/muffin tin?                                                                                                  The ideas below look mighty interesting to me and I just might have to try some more kitchen item decorating!  Forks? Colanders? Glass Jars? Foods like Cranberries and Apples? Wine Glasses?  The options are endless.
How have you used food or kitchen supplies to decorate your home?  Please share.
Illuminating Holiday JarsFork It OverPinned Image