Shop the Interior or Perimeter?

While doing your grocery shopping, think about where most of your foods come from.  Interior or perimeter of the store? 

Interior – boxed goods, frozen dinners, desserts, cookies, candies, chips, soft drinks, etc.

Exterior – Produce, bakery, cheese, deli, meat.

Of course, for some items, depending on your store, you’ll have to venture into the interior of the store.  Cereals, oats, loafs of bread, canned and/or frozen fruits and vegetables, etc.

If half of your shopping cart is filled with fruits and vegetables, then you are so on the right track to feeding your family nature’s own vitamins and minerals!

Kids Kitchen Konnection:
1. Have fresh fruits and vegetables washed and prepared so they are easy to grab by your little ones.
2. Take your kids to the store – let them pick out one new fruit and/or vegetable each time.  This engages them in food selection.  It encourages them to try new foods, and it was there idea!