On Friday, September 9, all area McDonald’s restaurants will donate 10 percent of sales to the Red Cross of Central Texas, to help the organization aid families impacted by wildfires in Bastrop, Leander, Steiner Ranch, Smithville, and other Central Texas communities.

On another note, you will soon see some healthier changes coming your way to their menu.  One change that is rolling out in some stores this month is in regards to the Happy Meal.  There will no longer be a choice for apples or fries.  You get both.  Or, you can say to skip the fries, and get 2 packs of apples!  Nonfat Chocolate Milk and 1% white milk, or apple juice will be the drink choices. 

Thanks to McDonald’s to taking a step in the right direction to our child’s nutrition! 

From the McDonald’s Press Release

Happy Meal
: McDonald’s will begin rolling out the new Happy
Meal in September 2011, with the goal of having them available in all 14,000
restaurants during Q1 2012.  The new
Happy Meal will automatically include both produce (apple slices, a quarter cup
or half serving) and a new smaller size French fries (1.1 ounces) along with
the choice of a Hamburger, Cheeseburger or Chicken McNuggets, and choice of
beverage, including new fat-free chocolate milk and 1% low fat white milk. For
those customers who prefer a side choice of apples only, two bags of apple
slices will be available, upon request.

By adding fruit in every Happy Meal, McDonald’s
hopes to address a challenge children face in meeting the recommended daily
consumption of produce. McDonald’s has offered apples as a requested choice in
Happy Meals since 2004. And, while recent research found that on average, 88
percent of McDonald’s customers are aware of the option, apples are chosen in
only 11 percent of Happy Meal purchases.