As we wait for a show to start, we snack on our cups of strawberries and grapes, purchased at the Sea Star Market.

Visiting theme parks is expensive. Admission into the parks is one thing, and then there is all the ‘extras’ to buy in the park.
The food and drink prices in the park can make you feel overwhelmed and so you just give in, and end up dropping another $100 to feed the family, and keep them hydrated!
I love all the walking you get in at theme parks and the kids climbing, running, and crawling on playscapes are great for additional activity.  Even Seamore, or is it Clyde? get a few sit-ups in during a performance!
Next time you visit a theme park, visit their website and check out their outside food and drink policy.  Did you know Sea World allows a 6-pack size cooler in?  You can also bring single serving snack type items.  We brought water bottles for everyone (and continued to re-fill throughout the day at water fountains), peanut butter and honey sandwiches in baggies, granola bars, and a couple of bananas.
All of our food supply was put in a backback, checked out at the gate, all okay!
We did buy a couple of additional things to supplement our entire day spent at the park.  (like the fruit cups you see above, another sandwich for the adults, and the kids shared a lemonade drink which was a treat.)
To read more about Sea World’s food and drink policy, visit Sea World.
Happy & Healthy Kids!