NO store-bought junk or candy here!  This was all my 8 year old daughter’s idea. I was actually resistant to the idea, because I just didn’t want the mess or to ‘manage’ it. (We had already made them at her crafting birthday party so she knew she and her friends liked them.)

I’m glad she is persistent!

Balloon ‘stress/squish’ balls.

Attach a funnel to the opening of a balloon (we used smaller ones to put inside Easter eggs) and add flour.  Push the flour down into the balloon until full using a skewer stick or straw.
Only thing my daughter needed help with was tying the balloon when she was done.  She loaded them up into her 17 plastic eggs, put tape on them and added numbers (per her classroom instructions.)
Oh, and I had the idea of drawing bunny faces on the balloons, which she took on her own too.

We were so happy how these turned out.  It was not candy, we only had to buy a package of balloons, and it occupied her time one afternoon and got all her ‘crafty wiggles’ out!