Stollen = Traditional German Christmastime Cake/Bread.  Typically with spices, nuts, dried or candied fruits in a yeast like bread.

Christmas Around the World is being celebrated at my 1st graders school.  So, I signed up to make Stollen to represent the country of Germany. 

This is the second year I have made it…and I have to be honest with you.  Really. We don’t love it. (Some of us do!)  It is a lengthy process to make.  But, fun!  Kids loved ‘kneading’ their own section of dough. The smells of orange zest, fruit, nutmeg, and cinnamon do wonders for your home.  But, it lacks in the flavor department. (Some disagree!)

I do get excited about making it.  It’s not a really ‘sweet’ cake/bread.  It’s packed with dried fruit and nuts.  It does not need the typical icing packed with lots of sugar and fat.  Get where I am going here?  I get excited because it is a healthier treat.  I also really want to like it because its part of my heritage, being 1/8th German..or something like that.

So, with that being said, I’d prefer our staple quick bread recipes like banana nut bread and pumpkin bread this time of year. 

UPDATE:  After serving the bread at Christmas Around the World at my daughter’s school, I had a ton of compliments, including my kids.  My daughter did not want to stop eating it!  So, now, maybe I will still make it every year, mainly for my kids!

How about you? Have you tried to make something like this and end up being disappointed?  And, like I have said before, I hope to always be honest.  I want to share our experiences in the kitchen, even if it means that not every recipe is a winner.

Recipe adapted from here: