The Dell Diamond and Round Rock Express invited bloggers and their families out for a real treat of an afternoon!  Did you know you can you can reserve one of their party sections that is next to the Fun Zone which includes food, picnic tables, a pool, and hot tub?  The image above was our view of the field.

We ate, enjoyed drinks, talked with other families, and watched a baseball game.  But, the real difference….

The kids swam……or rather jumped in and out of the pool quickly because it was pre-pool season.


This weekend we went to a five-year old’s Baseball Birthday Party at a local park!  At the party, we had popcorn, grapes, and cupcakes with edible baseballs. Wouldn’t the Dell Diamond be a perfect place to celebrate a birthday party with a baseball theme?  And, if you actually take a brake from the pool, you can watch the Round Rock Express play a game of ball! Or, relax in the hot tub with a view of the field!


It’s still time for Spring Ball folks!