It’s the “Treats Season”! 

Maybe you need to bring a snack for your child to share in their classroom, or you need snacks for your child’s lunchbox, or you want to pass out other food other than candy on Halloween night.

I am not saying that the above snacks are all considered the best possible nutritional snack.  But, they are some of the better options for store bought foods.  The Florida’s Natural fruit nuggets are pretty much just sugar, but better than most candies due to NO food coloring/dyes.  I saw two different flavors of Clif Kid Zbar for Halloween. The other snacks pictured are Goldfish and pretzels, packaged special for Halloween.

My kids like getting these ‘treats’ from friends or even on Halloween night.

HEB and Target had these Zbars, pictured on the above left.  The other snacks were found at Target.

What treats do you buy this time of year?