I don’t know what you all enjoy doing on a Saturday morning, but for me, going to knife demo, a cooking event, or just an eating experience would be the highlight of my weekend! When Faradays and Wusthof had a group of food bloggers out for all three of those things, it made my weekend!

A Wusthof Santoku was my knife of choice for this knife skills class and my take home souvenir! Thank you Wustof for my new knife!!! Did you know that the Santoku knife is best for ‘cutting’, as in vegetable prep?  That’s mainly what I do everyday in the kitchen. Whether we are prepping vegetables for a pizza party, or soups and salads for meal prep, or preparing veggies to get roasted, this is the knife for me!

Chef Scarleth was there to demo amazing recipes! A beet and argula salad with edible flowers from La Flaca, baked halibut and asparagus with a sun-dried tomato pesto sauce, and saffron rice was on the menu. And, lets not forget about the stuffed tomatoes!


Stuffed Tomatoes – that’ll have you forgetting you’re just eating some vegetables (& Parmesan cheese of course!)

Thank you Wusthof for my new knife and other goodies! I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and sharply and preciscly prep some vegetables because I am in love with this knife! Stay tuned for that.