This week in the Kids Kitchen, we made Whole Wheat French Toast Roll-Ups! This is a quick, simple, and sweet snack your child will love to make on their own using their favorite fruits and spread.


During this easy, hands-on recipe kids were able to help with every step. To make our Whole Wheat French Toast 
Roll-Ups, each student got 2 strawberries, a scoop of cream cheese and a piece of Whole Wheat bread. After the kids sliced their strawberries using our Kids Kitchen Chef Knives , they flattened out their piece of bread on the plate using their hands. The next step was spreading the cream cheese on one side of the bread, topping it with the freshly cut strawberries and rolling it up!

FrenchToastRollups.KidsKitchen.4 FrenchToastRollups.KidsKitchen.3


Just like regular French Toast, we took our roll-ups and dipped them in a mixture of milk and eggs and added them to our electric pan. Our students were VERY excited about the cinnamon sugar topping that we rolled our French Toast Roll-Ups in after they each side cooked to a nice golden brown. Since this is a pretty quick and simple recipes, our kids were able to make 2 during our 50 minute class. Our class requested to play the Duck, Duck, Goose game while our roll-ups were cooking. This activity allowed the kids to get out some energy in between snacks and play with one another.

Chef Kyle made them at home too!

Chef Kyle made them at home too!

Our students couldn’t get enough of this recipe and kept saying “This is so easy and fun! I can’t wait to get home and
make this for me and my family!” Definitely a keeper!  








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