Guest Post by: Kensey Goebel, Nutrition and Foods student at the University of Texas Austin

Here’s a cute activity to do to get you in the holiday spirit. Grinch Kabobs! 


Fruit makes for a low calorie, vitamin dense snack.

Banana Facts:

* Bananas contain low amounts of fat, low calories and are full of vitamins, and fiber. They are one of the only foods to contain all 6 major vitamin groups. 

* Another fun fact about bananas- if you peel the banana from the bottom up you wont get the strings called phloem. 

In this activity you will need green grapes, strawberries, bananas, mini marshmallows and toothpicks. Start by sticking a grape long ways on a toothpick. Then slice bananas into then slices, cut the top off of strawberries to make the hat shape, and add a mini marshmallow on top to make Grinch Kabobs!