Beet Juice Red Velvet Cupcakes

Beet Juice Red Velvet Cupcakes

Beets, you may love them or hate them , but there is no denying they are a super nutritious food.  According to, beets are nature’s natural hormone enhancer.  They are extremely high in vitamins and minerals, a natural cleanse for the liver, they help maintain mental health (the feel good food), a stomach acid tester and an extremely high source of energy (feeling blah, make a beet smoothie).  Beets are naturally high in sugar but low in calories.  Beets make excellent red dye replacements in foods.  Check out this red velvet cupcake recipe below that we borrowed from

We also made chocolate cupcakes in cooking class back in February.  Kids loved them and couldn’t taste the beets! To read all about it and to find that recipe go here.

A quick note on how to prepare beets for food dye:

You will boil the beets down to a concentrate in order to purée them for the recipe.  If you want a true red color make sure and start with a yellow cake base if you are adding as food coloring in any other recipe. If you start with a white cake you will end up with a pink cake.  Make sure and add a hint of vanilla or “yellowing” (not yellow dye) agent to your recipe.

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