Enjoy the goodness of dark chocolate. This amazing food can provide you with countless health benefits, while leaving a sweet taste in your mouth.

Chocolate is produced from cocoa beans that are crushed and grounded to get cocoa liquor. Then this cocoa liquor is processed further by in mixing sugar and fat and finally you get your favorite chocolate.
The taste of chocolate depends on the proportion of cocoa and other ingredients that are used in its mixture. The three main varieties of chocolate are milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has the highest amount of antioxidants which makes it the most beneficial variety for your health.  It is also lower in sugar, fat, and calories.
Savor the flavor of a square (or a drizzle) of dark chocolate with this recipe below!
Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Cups – made by Brianna Smith
Brianna won 3rd place with this recipe one year at a Dessert Competition. My son also took this treat to celebrate his birthday with in the classroom!
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