This Green Treat might be the perfect treat for your classroom party or for a snack anytime this fall!

This is a fun activity to do with the kids too. They can have fun drizzling the chocolate in different patterns.

Dark chocolate and fruit AND nuts?  YUMMO!

Goulishly Green Sweet Treat

Green apples, washed and dried, room temperature is best.
Melted Dark Chocolate, either a bar or chocolate chips (you may need to add a tsp of coconut oil to thin the chocolate for drizzling)
Sliced Almonds, coconut, or other chopped nuts (optional)

Drizzle melted chocolate on to the apples (on a wax paper.)  Add nuts or coconut.  Place in refrigerator to let the chocolate harden. 
Eat.  Or Cut in slices for the little kids.
*I sliced some for all to share.  And, my 5 year old, took an apple outside and ate it without cutting into slices.

These girls loved this afternoon snack!