If you’re not wearing green, beware, this is the day you might get pinched!

Want to serve some green colored food? No reason to dye food green with artificial food coloring. Yeah, no artificial green eggs and ham, no green beer, or green cupcakes.

Here is an example of a school lunch, but any of these foods work great for a snack today.

You might not be able to tell, but one lunchbox has a greenish colored shell hard boiled egg. (If you have an older child, they could peel the hard boiled egg them self. Or peel it for them and surround with plastic wrap!)

Foods below include: green grapes, colored goldfish crackers, celery with peanut butter on a lettuce bed, and a pot of gold at the end (yogurt with yellow/gold sprinkles!)

*I flavor plain yogurt with honey and touch of cinnamon and vanilla.  The yellow sugar sprinkles and gold fish are from natural food coloring.

What GREEN foods will you have today?