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Guest Post: Jami Smith, Writes our ‘Jami’s Simple Six’ posts that focuses on feeding real foods to a family of six on a budget.

I know you have crazy weeks like I do.  Practice, homework, sick kids, play dates, traveling husband and so much more.  One thing my family loves every week is brinner (aka breakfast for dinner).  Breakfast food is inexpensive, easy to throw together, and loved by most kids.  


I know during the week I am unable to make a large breakfast every day before the bus comes.  A big breakfast is usually saved for weekends, holidays, summers, or random days I woke up extra early.  My husband travels at least 2 nights a week.  When he is gone, breakfast food for dinner is an almost weekly choice.  

I have even entertained with brinner.  I have a bunko group that I served breakfast food to.  It was the least expensive dinner party I have ever had.  Plus, everyone came in their PJs.  



The sky is the limit on what you can serve for brinner. 

Below are some of my family’s favorites:

Waffles (regular, cinnamon apple, or buckwheat)  Click here for our Pumpkin Waffle Recipe.

Pancakes (regular, sweet potato, pumpkin, or with fruit/nuts/dark chocolate chips cooked in)

Eggs (cooked any way you like)

Omelets (great way to add veggies)

Frittata (ham/cheese, tomato/basil/mozzarella, asparagus/arugula/brie/tomato)

Ham, Bacon, Sausage

Breakfast tacos (the sky is the limit on what you can include)

Roasted potatoes

Roasted sweet potatoes (great mixed with a little breakfast sausage and topped with a sunny side up egg)


Steel cut oatmeal

Cinnamon toast


Fruit, fruit, and more fruit!

Next time you do not know what to make for dinner (or even a dinner party), I hope you can enjoy some brinner for your family.  It can save your wallet as well as your sanity.