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It’s snack time!

I swear that I am raising hobbits.  They eat breakfast.  The kitchen is clean for 10 minutes and the 4 of them want a snack.  After lunch is eaten and cleaned, 20 minutes go by and they want to eat again.  20 minutes before dinner is ready, they are STARVING!  

I have one healthy way that I like to combat the hungry hobbits in my house.  Several times a week my kids’ afternoon/afterschool snack is a veggie board.  It is a cutting board with a combination of fruit, veggies, a dip, nuts, crackers, cheese, and/or meat.  My kids know that they can have something else for a snack after everything is finished on the tray.  They eat the things they love first, pick at the rest, and most of the time when dinner is about to start everything is gone.  No more snacks were even offered or asked for.

There is no arguing for more to eat because you can just point to the tray.  

There is no worry that your kids are not eating healthy because it is a veggie tray.


If I ever have anything left on the tray, I leave it out for dinner as well.

Your imagination can go wild with the tray.  Use your kid’s favorite veggies. Celery, broccoli, carrots, and bell peppers are my family’s choice.  Kids also love to dip.  Ranch, hummus, and even peanut butter are yummy choices.  I always add some fruit.  Sometimes I add cheese, meat, nuts, or crackers.  


Now when your hobbits get hungry, point them to your new best friend…your veggie board!  Below is a recipe of my Tomatillo Ranch. It’s super easy, put these few items on your shopping list this week.  Enjoy!

[yumprint-recipe id=’39’]