Just Popping in to say
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love, Kids Kitchen

A Valentine Treat, Not So Sweet:                          Microwave Popcorn!   

Kids Kitchen and my kids gave microwavable popcorn bags to all of our Valentines this year. 

Popcorn is a whole-grain: it’s healthy for your heart!  What makes popcorn a high calorie and fat food, is all the butter and salt!  When we get popcorn from the movie theatre, at carnivals, or from some microwave popcorn brands – we get a lot of extra calories and fat from a huge amount of butter that is added.  Make your own – its fast, fun, easy, and you control what goes on top!

Line bottom of paper bag with popcorn kernels, in single layer.
Fold over the top of the bag 2 times.  Remove staple if you choose to staple them shut for gifting.
Place in microwave for 2-3 minutes until most of the popping has stopped.        
Serve with your choice of flavorings.

Garlic powder and salt.  Cinnamon and sugar. Pumpkin Spice powder and salt or sugar.  Spray with an oil mister or melted butter if you wish and sprinkle with salt.