With the holidays here, often that means road trips to grandmas house for Christmas dinner or holiday parties. It’s often hard to avoid the drive through when you are in the car and in a crunch for time. Use this guide to help you prepare for time in the car and keep you and your kids on track this holiday season. Here are our top “Car Easy” snacks.


Fresh Fruit- A banana, apple or a small orange are convenient snack that aren’t too messy and also come pre-wrapped naturally!

Nut butter-These packets of Justin’s Nut Butters are delicious and super convenient in individual packets that can be squeezed on a bagel or crackers or just eaten plain. Justin’s uses all natural ingredients to make their products so you have nothing to worry about when grabbing it on the go. 

Kind Bar– Kind bars are full of protein and nutrition that will keep you and your kid going strong for all of the festivities. They are low in sugar and come in a lot of varieties to please everyone!

LaraBar- LaraBar is another top choice of ours for nutrition bars! We love all of the flavors and options that these bars come in including gluten free and Kosher bars for those with special diet needs. Apple pie is my favorite but they are all yummy. 

Dried fruit- Raisins and other types of dried fruit are amazingly easy to grab and go. They are mess free but full of nutrients. We reccomend these raisins because they come in small boxes that are perfect for small appetites.  

Apple and Eve Juice Box– All this snacking can make you thirsty! Quench your thirst with a good quality juice. These juice boxes are made with real fruit juice and are low in sugar so you have nothing to worry about when giving them to your kids. They come in different varieties such as Fruitables, organic, Water fruits and no sugar added.

Popcorn- Popcorn is a simple solution to on the go snacking as well. Try to avoid the heavily buttered version but a plain or lightly salted option is a healthy option. Some versions even come in individual sized bags which is perfect for kids…and adults too so you don’t have to pop a whole bag. 

Nuts-Pistachios are my favorite nuts and these individual packages are great for on the go! Pistachios provide a healthy blend of antioxidants, protein and healthy fats that are great for a quick fuel source. 

Don’t forget the Spork! Nothing can mess your healthy snack up quicker than forgetting the right utensil. You will never have a problem with this when you keep a spork handy.