Breakfast….it is good at anytime of day.  This week, we made Egg Bell Pepper Flowers and Toasted Art.
The kids were pretty excited, and somewhat timid, about cracking their own egg for their flower.  Then, they poured their cracked egg into the bell pepper round of their choice and watched them sizzle!

We learned about different colored egg shells, the details of the egg and benefits of the bell pepper.
Using different colored peppers help create a summer flowered look!

Note: The girl pictured to the left said, “I tried the red bell pepper last time and I did not like it.” So, she started to eat the egg inside her pepper ring and leaving the pepper alone.  With a little encouragement, she tried a small part of the pepper with the egg and smiled.  Guess what?  She said she liked it and ate the rest of the pepper ring by itself!  Way to go C!

ü  Great Breakfasts should consist of: (or a
combination of the below)
Grain – oats, dry cereal, rice, whole wheat breads
Dairy –
low fat dairy like yogurt, cheese, or milk
– adding fruit to cereal, fruit juice, fruit and vegetable smoothies, avocados
with eggs, omelets with veggies, etc.
– eggs, nut butters, or your favorite protein source

ü  Eggs
Does not
matter what color the shell is.
Range/Cage Free are the better choice
The yolk
and egg white have important qualities; don’t just eat one part or the other
Egg Bell Pepper Flowers
*Bell Pepper, green, red,
orange, and/or yellow – a variety of color is pretty to look at when creating
these ‘flowers’
* Eggs
* Non stick cooking spray

Slice bell pepper
horizontally to get ‘round rings’ intact. 
Remove seeds from inside.  Save
end and top for a later date.  (You can
get 3-4 rings per bell pepper)
Spray not stick
cooking spray onto your frying pan. 
Place the pepper rings down.
Crack an egg into
each bell flower.  Leave yolk intact for
sunny side up/over medium cooked eggs. 
Break the yolk for over hard and flip ¾ way through.

Serve with whole wheat
toast and fruit for a whole grain, protein, and vegetable and fruit food group