We’re having fun with lots of fruit today!  Let’s get Festive!

After today, the kids were empowered to make healthier choices during this holiday season.  A fun festive drink like the Cranberry Spritzer has 100% fruit juice that has been slightly watered down.  No added sugar! 

Apple Wreaths give us a good nutritious snack anytime of day with a fruits and protein.

And, Raspberry Surprises….well, they are just so simple and GOOD!  All the kids gobbled them up.  Some ate the chocolates out first, but that’s OK.  Together, this makes a healthy treat after school, in the lunchbox, or as a dessert. 
AND…Raspberries are super cheap right now, here locally.

Cranberry Spritzer

Makes a fun and festive drink for the holidays – for
kids and adults!

 2 cups 100% Apple Juice or Apple Cider
 2 cups 100% Cranberry Juice  (may be a blend with other juice)
 1-2 cups sparkling water, naturally
flavored with lime or plain
  Garnish: fresh cranberry, sliced
orange or lime wedge

Apple Wreaths
 Red Apples, cored and sliced into rounds.
 Peanut Butter or light cream cheese
  Dried Fruit such as golden and purple raisins

Core an apple and slice
on its side to create circles aka wreaths. 
Spread cheese or peanut butter. 
(Optional: leave plain) Sprinkle with cinnamon.  Decorate the wreath with ball ornaments.
(Dried Fruit)

Raspberry Surprise

 Fresh raspberries
 Chocolate Chips (semi-sweet or milk chocolate)

Nutrition facts about the fruits we used today in class:

Nutrition Facts:

½ cup =
4 g Fiber, 25% DV Vitamin C

Juice Nutrition Facts

1 cup = 40%
Vitamin C, 116 calories

Nutrition Facts (with skin – do take off the skin, you are missing out on a lot
of good nutrition!)

1 medium
= 16% Vitamin C, 4 g fiber

Kids Kitchen Konnection:  Kids love to help measure out the liquids for the drink recipe.  They get to create a special, but healthy, drink for parties, events, or just for fun!