Happy Thanksgiving from Kids Kitchen!

I wanted to share some quotes from first-graders.  These in particular interest me because I have a first-grader right now.  Growing up with a mommy that likes to cook and because she gets to help in the kitchen often, I thought it would be neat to get her take on a Thanksgiving meal.  But, you’ll have to wait to find out what she said….until tomorrow.

First put the turkey in the oven and put in the thermometer. Cook it about 12 minutes at 70 degrees. Then take the turkey out. Start eating! Serve some corn, salad, broccoli, apples, and nectarines. Drink apple juice. The dessert would be cookies and cake with popsicles and popcorn. Happy Thanksgiving! — Malaina M.

You need chicken and you need to grill it at 80 degrees until it’s brown. Then put some chips around it. Serve fruit like apples and bananas and some vegetables like carrots and broccoli. Tell everyone, “Happy Thanksgiving!” Get out the dessert of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles on it and frosting and chocolate covered syrup. That’s it! Say, “Good job for eating! Happy Thanksgiving!” — Steven N.

Well, it’s actually not an appropriate word, but you have to kill the turkey. It’s sad for the turkey, but he’s juicy to eat. Cook it first then suck up the juice and take out the bones. Then cut it in half and eat it. Serve bread, corn, and you do need a drink, which would be water. People would eat vanilla, chocolate, and banana smoothies and ice cream and sundaes. Say “Cheese” and “Have a good holiday!” — Alex P.

My Thanksgiving Inspiration:

Today, I am thankful for Pinterest.  It has inspired me to try new things, yet again.  I have been ‘stocking’ up on recipes, and so, today, I prepared and cooked 5 new recipes.  FIVE!!!

One of my favorites did not come from a Pinterest inspiration, but rather another blog that inspires me weekly.  You need to check out this recipe from InspiredRD for Maple Roasted Butternut Medley.


PS. I subbed toasted pumpkin seeds for the pomegranate seeds…..it was Yummy!

Kids Kitchen Konnection:  My kids have not had a chance to sample this recipe yet.  But, when they do, I will make sure to update about their responses.  I can’t imagine that they won’t like this recipe.  It is so good!