My kids have been asking me for yogurt parfaits lately.  They can be a better choice for a snack from fast food joints.  But, it can’t get much better than to make them at home – you have complete control of the ingredients!

Start with the yogurt for example.  Most yogurt parfaits from dining out places are high in sugar.  Try buying non-fat or low-fat PLAIN yogurt.  Sweetened if yourself if you need to. 

OPTIONS: agave nectar, honey, or Stevia.

Flavor with vanilla or cinnamon, cinnamon is YUMMY and good for you!!

I used Greek Fage Yogurt today, but you choose.  Organic, Greek, American style – remember, look for un-sweetened varieties.

Layer yogurt, berries, yogurt, berries….and sprinkle granola on top!

*Oh, and you can use fresh or frozen berries.