Kids Kitchen’s Mushroom Gardens

Alfalfa Sprouts – another “A” for the August Fruit and Vegetable Challenge!!
Add these tiny guys to your salads, sandwiches, or wraps, even though they are from the legume family….we’ll count them as a veggie for our challenge.

In the above Mushroom Gardens, a Kids Kitchen exclusive, we added them to the planter box for weeds.

Mushroom Gardens:

Slice a thin piece of light cream cheese off the block and place on plate.  Attach crackers to the outside of the cream cheese to form a planter box. (We used mini Club crackers here)  Cut a cherry tomato in 1/2 and place on top of a baby carrot.  Stick the carrot into the cheese and secure.  Sprinkle alfalfa sprouts on top of cheese. 

Kids Kitchen Konnection:  Kids LOVE building these Mushroom Gardens.  They also tried the sprouts, and some tried cream cheese for the 1st time!

High in protein, iron, and other minerals, and Vitamin A, C, E & K – these sprouts are loaded with nutrients and are thought to aid in digestion, cancer prevention, lowering risk of high cholesterol and heart disease.