The Artichoke.

Rich in Vitamin C and K, Folate, and many minerals.  High in Fiber, low in fat and calories.

This vegetable can be enjoyed many ways.

Steamed and served with butter or cheese sauce.
Canned artichoke hearts make a nice addition to a green salad.
On top of pizza, or on a Panini.
An all time favorite – as a dip, baked artichoke and spinach dip!
Marinated like in these kabobs found below. (I’ll share this recipe at a later date.)

What is your favorite way to eat an artichoke?

Kids Kitchen Konnection:  My 6 year old said this when we shared a steamed artichoke, “I like this.  I would prefer you make this over asparagus Mom!”  So, you’ll never know the outcome of your child’s taste buds and/or preferences….until you try, and sometimes….keep trying!!