Oatmeal for breakfast?!   — If no, please consider it! Make Breakfast Fun with Purple Monster Oatmeal!

You probably already know that oats are a whole grain, complex carbohydrate that benefits you by providing natural fiber and sustained energy. Guess what else?  Oats have protein!  That’s right!  One serving of oats has as much protein as one egg.  Sending our kids to school after eating a complex carb with protein sets them up for success by supporting their brain function.  At Kids Kitchen, we encourage this classic whole grain breakfast, so we’ve been showing our students how to keep it interesting.  We hope you’ll try it at home and love it enough to keep it in your routine.

With oatmeal being so easy to make, we had kids measuring and stirring this dish all on their own. Let your kids help or make breakfast on their own!

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