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This Friday, January 31st, Kids Kitchen is launching a revolutionary culinary program called Chefs Club.  Our vision is that Chefs Club will improve the way we all eat.  Kids, ages 3-18, will learn hands-on skills in the kitchen that will guide them through ten different levels of shopping, preparing, cooking, and making nourishing foods for their entire family!

For example, in Level 1, kids will familiarize themselves with how to read a recipe, learn food preparation and cooking terminology, and will be equipped with skills to make a simple recipe with (or without) supervision.  When participants complete the required tasks successfully in each level, they will ‘graduate’, receive their prizes, earn their new Title and be eligible to enroll in the next level. Chefs Club was developed by a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist that teaches nutrition and cooking classes to kids and their families.  Kids are capable of learning nutrition an cooking skills to develop a liking for an increased variety of foods.  We put incentives in place so they will be energetic and excited to reach the next level, the next goal.

The Love of technology is a fact of today’s children.  This program utilizes this familiarity of technology in many ways. If they don’t have their own computer, hand-held smart device, old phone, or camera, they are using their parents’ devices.  Cooking at home is happening less and Take Out and Fast Food has stepped into place.  Kids are attracted and familiar with foods that come in a package and sometimes they are brightly colored. These convenience foods are high in fats (not-so-good-for-you-fats), sugar, artificial colors and flavors (chemicals), sodium, AND poorly lacking in nutrients.  We are here to change the way your family eats. When kids participate in Chefs Club, they are using technology AND cooking to move toward prizes and a new title.  Along the way, confidence, FUN, knowledge, and in-the-kitchen expertise HAPPENS.

Working their way up, in their own kitchen, from Apprentice to Sous Chef, all the way to Top Chef, they will gain nutrition education, food supply knowledge, and so many different preparation and cooking techniques.  All the while, having fun with friends, on their own schedule, in their own home, and racking up levels of completion for more and more prizes.

So, listen up parents, your kids have the opportunity to start helping you prepare meals and cooking for the entire family, and knowing HOW to do it!

Registration opens this Friday, January 31st, 2014 at 8:00am CST.

Tell your friends – because you’ll want all the kids on the block in THIS Club!