Always a fun time creating something with our food!  Making these waffles into butterflies is not time consuming, and something fun and different to do every now and then.  When we are not having fun with our food, my kids just eat these as regular waffles for breakfast or dinner. If served at dinner, they also get eggs (flat or scrambled), and a hefty side of fruit.

I almost always double this batch so I can put a stack in the freezer.  Then, to break up our cereal for breakfast mornings, I will pull these out and toast them up in the toaster oven for a super quick yet healthy meal.

By the way – kids in class loved these waffles too!  They helped measure, scoop, mix, stir, break eggs, and more for this pumpkin waffle batter, all the while learning about the benefits of whole grains and pumpkin.


What is your number one requested breakfast item, especially on the weekends? 

If its waffles or pancakes, give this recipe a try.  It’s worth it.