Does an Apple a Day REALLY Keep the Doctor Away? 

Believe it or not, there is some truth to that long lasting statement.  Apples are very nutritious and beneficial for our teeth, skin, lungs, hearts, and much more. 

It is important to know however that many of the nutrients of an apple are  contained within the apple’s skin, so be sure not to skin your apples before  consuming them.
A regular size apple has between 70-100 calories. Eating an apple when craving for candy or chocolate can make the desire disappear since apple in itself contains sugar, but gives you only ¼ of the calories.

Apples are a favorite year-round, but why not jazz up your apples this fall, with some Apple Pie Parfaits?  Kids can cut apple slices, mix in cinnamon and honey into plain yogurt, and then top it all off with some granola!



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