Do you like fish? Salmon is not the only fish with great Omega 3’s, calcium and other essential minerals.  Maybe you prefer the more mild flavors of flakey white fish like Flounder and Sole.  Both are wonderful sources of Omega 3’s, but did you know these other great facts about Flounder?

* 21 g of protein in a 3 oz serving

* 99 calories

* 1g of Fat

* 0g Carbohydrates

* 9 essential vitamins

Plus, an excellent source of phosphorus and calcium for bone health!

Flounder can be a local and wild lean protein source if you are a fisherman, or your spouse is, maybe you have a friend, or you take a beach vacation trip this year to one of many Texas beaches and pick up some fresh caught Flounder at a Seafood Market!

Check out our recipe below for a healthy and yummy recipe your kids can help you make.

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