With all of the talk about how red meat (Beef) is less healthy than other meats, take a look at these fact comparison charts below.  All of our beef loving readers will be pleased and others may be surprised. 

The chart below describes the long battle between ground beef and ground turkey.


Beef vs Turkey

Can you believe beef wins in total fat, calories, and cholesterol? Not to mention more vitamins and minerals.



Sometimes charts like the one above show comparisons that accurate, yet misleading.  As in the comparison for Vitamin B6 for 3oz. of beef compared to 6.5 cups of spinach, equaling the same amount of this important Vitamin.  Yes, while its healthy to consume a lot of dark leafy greens like spinach, most people don’t.  Why don’t we plan to consume both??

Local Farm Raised

If possible buy from locally raised beef which has been pasture-raised and grass fed, and organic.  We added the “if possible” qualifier knowing that these prices are most likely higher and the product less available.  Again, purchase the best you can afford.

If you have freezer space, go in with a neighbor or two and buy 1/4 to a half steer.  The beef will come to you professionally wrapped.  Just label and date it, freeze and use.  Keep an inventory list of the meat on or near the freezer and mark it off as you use it.  This way you’ll know what you have to work with. Typically you can specify the cut’s you’d like (more steaks vs roasts, etc).

Big Box Stores Stores like Costco can be a very good source for meats.  They have larger buying populations.  Small local markets may have meats sitting around longer.  Make sure to pay attention to the country of origin. Watch the labeling and find grass-fed when it is available.

Whole Foods Markets The Whole Foods Market chain participates in the 5-Step Animal Welfare program to insure the humane treatment of livestock.

Meat Trim Levels While there are standards for meat “trim” make sure to watch for overly thick fat along the edges of the meat.  Excess fat that you’re just going to throw away is a waste of money.  Watch for stores that ‘beef’ up the weight of their cuts by leaving excessive fat on the meat.

Above information from: http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/Articles/Meats-Poultry-Fish-Seafood-652/beef-buying-guide.aspx


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