Summer is coming to an end, that is for sure.  I can tell by the tolerable temperatures outside in the evening (here in Central Texas.)  If you asked me what my favorite summer vegetable was – I’d have a hard time answering.  But, bell peppers might be the answer.  Today, its my answer.

We had the privilege this summer to get home-garden-grown vegetables including peppers from my father-in-law.  Do you realize how versatile this vegetable is? 


Sweet Bell Peppers are good for stir-frys, omelets, soups, stews, beans, Paninis, sandwich wraps, sticks for dipping, my green bean/onion/pepper stir-fry, pizza toppings, salads, and much more. Do you know some of the awesome nutrients you are getting from these peppers? 

One medium red pepper provides over 250% DV of Vitamin C and 75%DV of Vitamin A!!  Okay, so you don’t usually eat a whole pepper at one time?  What about 1/2 of one?  That would still be A LOT (over 100%) of Vitamin C and many other beneficial nutrients. Regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin C helps our bodies protect itself from scurvy; develop resistance against infection (Boosts Our Immunity!) and scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the body.


You say your kids don’t like them?  Add them to tomato sauces for lasagna and spaghetti, or chop small and sauté them with onion and olive oil and add them to rice dishes, green beans, or stir-frys. 

Try this:  As you are cutting one up in the kitchen, ask them to help you.  Talk to them about what you know about these great peppers and how they really aren’t spicy. See what happens.

So, go get them while their hot…and enjoy the ‘sweetness’ of these peppers!

Kids Kitchen will be at the Cedar Park Farmers Market tomorrow from 10-12 doing a kids demo activity.  We will be making Sandwich Sushi Rolls and I bet we will use bell peppers!  Come out and participate and receive a kid-sized apron!