We all know that we are supposed to get a certain amount of vitamins in our daily diet, but what exactly do they all do?  Well today we will start with Vitamin A: To keep it simple, vitamin A is essential for the growth and development of the immune system functions and good vision. 

Sweet Potatoes have been coined one of the world’s healthiest foods. The amount of Vitamin A in one sweet potato can yield close to 90% of your daily need for Vitamin A.  Sweet potatoes “contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and blood sugar regulating nutrients” according to The World’s Healthiest Foods. 

The anti-inflammatory properties found in the coloring of the sweet potato have proven to reduce inflammation in brain tissue and nerve tissues throughout the body.  Sweet potatoes also have the beautiful ability to aid in blood clotting and digestive tract issues such as IBS and Ulcerative Colitis. When boiled or steamed properly the sweet potato has many health benefits and when served with a healthy portion of good fat such as olive oil, the uptake of the vitamin A and all of the wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory is greater.  See below for a wonderful steamed sweet potato recipe.

taco sweet potato

A few great ways to prepare sweet potatoes are with honey, cayenne (if you like sweet and spicy), cinnamon (another great super food), olive oil, or real grass fed butter (in moderation). Or, as a ‘taco sweet potato

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Enjoy these beautiful and healthy orange super foods with your next meal.  Some favorite ways to eat them are steamed with grilled pork chops and spinach OR diced up and oven-baked with a spray of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Your kids might like them as mashed potatoes.