I was recently invited to talk about how to get more vegetables and healthy foods into your kids’ diet.

YNN Reporter, Jennifer Borget says, “It can be tough to expand your kids’ palate to include more vegetables, but there are a few tricks you can try.”

I told her the best thing to do is to get your kids involved with their meals.  Getting involved in the entire process, or even part of it.  The planning of meals, shopping for food, preparation techniques, or for an older child, more of the actual cooking process.

For example, whip up some guacamole together to add to a veggie wrap so your kiddo feels a part of the process. You can also take a sneakier route and finely chop up carrots and zucchini and mix them into a spaghetti sauce. 

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See more tips and ideas with the video interview here:


So, you can see that even some of your child’s favorites could include more vegetables and fruit, if you approach it in a different way.  But, most importantly, if you’re looking to change your child’s diet for the better over night, its not going to happen. Give it time, but don’t give up!

PS. You could enroll them in a cooking class or Chefs Club to get them more excited about food, nutrition, and food!