From the Earth. For Us.

For one of our cooking classes for kids, I set up this produce box.  It represented our mini-Farmers Market.  Some families have never been or don’t go regularly to the Farmers Market.

First, we made Salad on a Stick.


Then, we played, “Lets take a trip to the Farmers Market!”  Each child had play money to buy whatever they wanted out of the box.  Some vegetables cost less, some cost more.  They were able to get more for their money for lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes than the apple or orange.  Some kids took that opportunity to make more of their money count.  Some didn’t care…they still wanted that apple!

Afterwards we talked about the nutritional benefits from each of their chosen purchases.  And, they were encouraged to go a real Farmers Market sometime soon and pick out something they have never tried before!


Top 5 Things to do with Kids this week for Earth Day:

1. Buy local vegetables and fruits.  (Don’t forget your reusable bags!)

2. Go to a recycling center where kids have to separate the items to be recycled.

3. Make some reusable bags out of old T-shirts like we did here:

4. Don’t eat anything that comes in a package or box. Eat Real Food, you’ll have less trash and less to recycle.

5. Minimize food waste.  Start a composting pile or reduce food portions.


On this Earth Day, let’s teach our kids something about keeping our Earth Happy!