We talked about what it means to be strong in class.  How we can exercise our muscles to be healthy and strong.  But, we can also eat healthy foods to make us strong!

Quick and easy snacks, that are fun to make.

Cheese Cube Dumbbells & Fruit Jump Ropes

What you will need:
Cheese cubes.  I cut cubes from a block of cheese.
Pretzel sticks
Grapes, sliver cut into center on one side
100% Fruit pull apart strings or strips

Attach the cubes to a pretzel on both ends.  Eat.
Attach grapes on the ends of the fruit ropes.  Jump rope a few times.  Eat.  *Just kidding!

Apple Heads

Round sliced apples with core cut out (can get about 4 slices from one apple)
Peanut Butter, or other nut butter
Fruit for face

*We used banana slices and raisins for eyes, walnut for a nose, pomegranate seeds for the mouth/lips, and shredded coconut for hair.

Spread the peanut butter onto the apple slice.  Decorate your ‘head’.
Other option:
Leave the fruit off and top with another slice of apple for an apple peanut butter sandwich – great for packing in lunches!

Show me your muscles!