During the weeks of Kids Kitchen’s classes for kids, I will feature what we made in class that day. These entries will be great. It’ll be a true testimony to whether or not the recipe featured here had a positive reaction by children ages 3-10.  For the next 6 weeks, I will have 18 testers, so stay tuned each week for their responses!

This Week’s Recipe: An owl
and its perch

2 slices whole
grain bread

Filling of your
choice: peanut butter, cream cheese, turkey and cheese, cheese only, tuna salad  *we made grilled cheese in the toaster oven, using no butter.

9 cucumber
Slices, not peeled

2 raisins

1 orange-colored
triangle nose: cheese, bell pepper, carrot, or cantaloupe

4 pretzel sticks

(this recipe is
easy to “cut in half”…literally,  Use one
slice of bread and cut in half, to make 2 individual slices if you need a
smaller version for a very young child or at snack time.)

Make sandwich
by adding the filling.  Cut tall
triangles off the longest side of bread (these will be the wings, slightly
detached.)  Kids can place/spread these
ingredients on the bread.

Place 2
cucumber slices for the eyes and 2 raisins for the pupils. Put triangle nose
on.  Kids can cut cucumbers with a
plastic lettuce knife.

To make
the tree: Place 7 cucumber slices in a circle. 
Place pretzel sticks as the trunk.

your Fall(ish) snack or meal!

What the Kids had to say….

The older children liked cucumbers more than the younger kids.  All enjoyed the activity thoroughly and most devoured their sandwich.  A small handful tried eating the sandwich with cucumber toppings intact, while most chose to remove the eyes and nose and then eating them separately.
“I love Kids Kitchen!”
“I love Grilled Cheese.”
“What are we making next week?”
“I’m hungry!”  (having class at a snack time might help me win them over on trying new foods, because they’ll be HUNGRY!)