In the Kitchen last week, we wrapped up Heart Healthy Month with “Heart” Healthy foods.

Whole wheat heart toast and a fried egg in a bell pepper ring made this breakfast….hhhmm…afternoon snack…well balanced and nutritious. With (almost) all things red – red bell peppers, strawberry jam, and dried cranberries, we made breakfast…for our Hearts! Oh, yeah, we had sliced strawberries on the side too.

Not a lot of kids are fans of bell peppers, yet I am always trying new ways to introduce them to this vitamin rich vegetable.  Try adding them into salads, sauteing them with green beans or putting them with stirfrys, dipping in hummus or other dips, adding them to sandwiches, wraps, etc.

More exposure = More possibilities for your child to taste and try the food, and hopefully someday develop a liking for it.

Fried Egg – Bell Pepper Rings

Slice pepper (any color) into rings and remove ribs and seeds.
Add a little bit of olive oil to your pre-heated frying pan.
Place pepper in pan and crack egg open into pepper ring.  I break the yolk, but its up to your kid’s preference.
Let the egg cook and set.  Then, carefully, flip it over to continue cooking. This should only take a minute or so.

For the Heart Toast:
Cut bread slices into hearts using cookie cutters.  Toast. Kids spread an all fruit strawberry jelly and topped with dried cranberries (or other fruit.)

Kids Kitchen Konnection:  When you are looking for creative ways to serve fruits and vegetables, think about using them with foods you already know your child likes.  That way, its’ less intimidating for that ‘unliked’ food to be on their plate.