This week in the Kids Kitchen, we made SNOW with food! 
Pasta Snowflakes and Banana Snowmen that is.

We glued the sides together of wagon wheel pasta while on a sheet of wax paper.  Then, spread some glue on top with our fingers.  Sprinkled glitter…and walla…you have a sparkling snowflake! Let it dry.  Kids made square, circle, letter A’s, 3-Dimensional, and many more shapes.  It was fun.

Next, we made Banana Snowmen.

(We put ours down on a plate but, easily done on a kabob stick OR plastic straw and would be cute to serve at a party)

Sliced bananas, need 3 slices for the snowman
Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, need 3 for the face and 3 for the buttons
Blackberries – Need 1, sliced in half for the black boots
Pretzel sticks, need 2 for the arms
Shredded Coconut, for snow.  We used un-sweetened coconut, found by the nuts and dried foods in the produce section. (optional)

Assemble your banana snowman on a plate.  Get creative.  Other ideas from the kids were: to use matchstick carrot nose or arms, dried fruit instead of the chocolate chips, strawberry for its hat, etc.

What else did we learn?
As I like to do with every new class, we….
Started to work on our basic food groups, and learning where our favorite foods belong.

We got it all straight that tomatoes are in the vegetable group, even though they really are a fruit.  That rice is really in the grain group.  And, we learned that most of our favorite foods come from the grain and fruit groups.

We will have to do a lot of sampling of vegetables in hopes we will find some our favorite foods are from that food group.

Kids Kitchen Konnection:
Get creative with your snowman snack, use whatever you have on hand.  Some kids took it upon themselves to give him a hat.  Set out several food options, and let them build.  Its a fun and healthy snack!