I am seriously in LOVE with these kids. (and their lips are pretty cute too!)
Quotes from these kids this session:
“I’m going to take your class every time, I won’t ever stop coming.”
“I wish you were my mom…so you could make these things at home for me.”
“Can we play ‘Butter’ today?”
(its Duck, Duck Goose game, but we say Peanut, Peanut Butter!)
“Oh, my gosh, this is so good!”
“I can’t wait to eat it, I’m SO hungry!!”
My job is all so rewarding when these are the comments I hear during class.  Kids are tasting new foods, opening up their palette to different flavors. They are learning about nutritious foods and why they are good for our bodies.  But, most of all, WE are having fun!
Strawberry Spinach Smoothie 4 Your Sweetie
*This makes about 24oz.  Good amount to split between 2.                                                                                                 


strawberries (we used some fresh and some frozen)

of chopped spinach or kale

of juice (we used a banana/strawberry fruit vegetable juice – just make sure
its 100% juice)

of ice

of Stevia or honey, optional (we left it out – kids thought it was sweet enough)

all ingredients into blender.  Blend
well.  Serve immediately.

you prefer a creamier, dairy base smoothie – use milk and leave the ice out.

can also freeze fresh fruit or use store bought frozen fruit to blend without
ice.  Works well if your blender is not
so powerful.



Happy Valentines Day Kids!