Mediterranean Style Ratatouille for a Rainy Day.  Really any day, lunchtime or dinnertime. 
I am in love with this new recipe. 

What I love:
1. Easy to make.
2. Always have ALMOST all of the ingredients on hand.
3. It can work as a main dish or side dish.
4. Super versatile – don’t have one or two items, sub for another veggie or herb, its okay!
5. Can you say HEALTHY? Pretty much nothing but veggies, herbs, and olive oil.

Okay – so my kids are not in love with this….not yet.  I’ll keep making it and serving a little at a time and that’s all you can do. Exposure.  HINT: Have your kids watch the movie, Ratatouille, then they can help you make this – maybe they will try and like it!

Meat-lover Husband liked it too, with feta cheese on top!  I found him eating it for lunch the next several days too.

Ratatouille orginated in France as vegetable stew.  But, Ratatouille is so much more fun to say, right?

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Tell me what you think if you try this recipe. 

I am getting ready to go eat some of it right now for dinner.  Have a great night with the family in the Kitchen!