We are on the tail end of summer!  For our family, that means; lower outside temperatures, back to school, more regular planned mealtimes, and eariler bed times.

In the meantime, if you wanting your kids to eat more vegetables, why not set up a Veggie Bar?  Put it out around snack time, or as an appetizer for lunch or dinner!  Are those little kiddos asking to eat before it’s dinnertime?  Get them started with a Veggie Bar.

What I like about this idea:
1. They get to choose their favorites, but there are options.
2. Easy to store in the frig and keep cold, easy to pull out ans serve.
3. Serve a dip in a smaller glass or shot glass and let them dip!
4. It’s attractive – may entice them to try something new.
5. Great way to add more veggies into everyone’s diet.
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