My daughter turned eight this year.  EIGHT years old!


Our family nutrition has changed a lot in eight years.  She started out with the most natural infant nutrition, breast milk. And, even though I have always be conscious of her nutrition by doing things like: offering a variety of fruits and vegetables, limiting sweets, making family meal time a constant thing, and serving balanced meals, it wasn’t perfect.  And it still isn’t.  It never will be perfect.

But, we have continued to grow and become more nutritionally aware.

For this birthday party; no artificial dyes were served (not even in the cupcake frosting,) and fruit and veggies were served in a fun and pretty way.

The foods we served were: vegetables on a stick, fruit kabobs, veggie chips, whole grain crackers, goldfish, and a variety of cheeses.  The kids decorated a home-made chocolate cupcake with pink (read about how I did this here) and white frosting and naturally colored sprinkles purchased here.


Kid Birthday Party FruitKid Birthday Party Cheese

Kid Birthday Party Veggie Sticks

A birthday party without all the junk food!