Making muffins and cakes from scratch is defiantly more time-consuming.  I remember the days of baking boxed carrot-cake with cream cheese frosting from the container.  It was such a quick and easy dessert.  Now, I put that right up there with a pizza pocket for dinner (and, yes, we used to eat those when my husband and I were first dating.)

To make meals, snacks, and desserts from scratch, there is more time involved, but the outcome is really worth it.  The outcome of a much better quality and nutritional product, and usually a much better tasting one too!  Now, if you are looking for more time in the day and wonder how you can fit in baking from scratch, let me say that my first answer would be to bake ahead.  Pick a few hours one day to make 2 or 3 different kinds of baked goods. You can squeeze in a couple batches of waffles, muffins, and maybe some granola.  You can freeze the muffins and waffles for the upcoming weeks!

With all that being said, maybe you’ll try these 10-ingredient Carrot Cake Muffins (2 of which are fruit/veggies!) with Cream Cheese Frosting.  They’re loaded with nutrition!


Before you check out the recipe, let me tell you a little bit about how we made these in cooking class.  We used organic bagged matchstick or julienned carrots (as a time saver) and then chopped them in tiny pieces with a hand chopper.  We also bought crushed pineapple in a can, packed in 100% juice.  At first, the kids said they didn’t want to eat this ‘cake’ as they see the all the carrots going in there, but after they worked hard to make these Carrot Cake Muffins and taste them, they change their mind!  Omit the frosting for morning muffins – and remember, bake ahead and freeze!

pizza carrots

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