The salad I made at home (pictured above.)



The salad 3-5 year olds made in class (pictured above.)


Think they did a pretty good job, huh?  3 and 4 year old kids tore the lettuce, spinach, and chard.  They cut fennel with a plastic lettuce knife.  They peeled and segmented the oranges.  They watched the almonds get toasty.  They helped measure ingredients for the salad dressing and mixed it all together.  We poured the dressing over the salad and tossed. They cut green onion to go on top with scissors, kid size and only used in the kitchen.

A lot of our salad’s ingredients were thanks to Greenling’s delivery box.  I placed the order for ingredients needed for this week’s class from Greenling’s website and they were delivered to me in a Green Box!  Check it out here:


For more information on how you can get groceries (organic, local, or conventional) delivered to your doorstep, visit:

What kind of salad will you be making this Memorial Day weekend?

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